Standalone Fire, Heat Alarm is designed for Domestic Usage such us a house, villa and apartment,etc,.
Toxic smoke and fumes kill. In a house fire, it is the flames that do the structural damage, but smoke is the main danger to people. The majority of deaths in fires come from smoke poisoning.

Modern homes contain many materials, such as wood, wool, nylon and plastics, which when burning, produce heavy smoke and toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide and cyanide gas. These materials can smoulder for extended periods of time, producing substantial smoke and fumes before they burst into visible flames.

If you are asleep when a fire starts, you could suffer from smoke inhalation before you wake up. In fact, the combination of toxic smoke and gases and reduced levels of oxygen in the air can make waking up extremely difficult and in some circumstances, tragically impossible. So, it is essential to install and maintain working smoke, heat alarms that will detect the smoke, heat and sound an alarm.


Self contain Optical Smoke detector and alarm sounder
Photoelectric Output, Sound level : 80dB, Detection Area: 40m2


Self contain Fixed Temperature Heat detector and alarm sounder
Fixed Temperature Sensitivity: 60°C, Sound level : 80dB, Detection Area: 30m2


1. With test and reset button
2. 9v operated
3. Low battery indication
4. Battery removable will inhabit cover from closing ( as per UL standard)
5. Easy installation
6. LED indicator for 360º vision
7. Connection port to link up to 30 detectors in a single network
8. Output to interface with other security equipment