Face recognition systems are the newest technology based security solutions that offers security at premises by recognizing the facial features. The device captures the facial features and stores the captured patterns into the database of the computer. When the same individual revisits the premise then the face recognition system again captures the facial image and performs the matching process between the old and the newest captured patterns. When it finds the match, it grants the authentication otherwise it denies.

First, it’s important to find out how facial biometrics time attendance and tracking systems actually work. If you’re not familiar with face recognition biometrics, you’ll find that this is a method of biometric identity verification that is based upon the characteristics of the face.

Depending on the specific technology used, facial systems may look at 2D images, at specific algorithms of the distance between feature, or it may look at specific features with the use of 3d face recognition.

How does the process actually work? When you decide to use facial bio metrics for your company, the first step is to get all of your employees registered in the facial database. This requires acquiring the facial characteristics of each person so that information is kept in the system for future identification and biometrics authentication.

Once everyone is registered, when someone needs to access the system to clock in or to gain access to a specific area, a facial scanner must scan their face and then the biometrics authentication software must identify and authenticate the person providing their information.

Last, the biometric imaging facial software keeps track of those accessing the system, how long they are on the job, and it can also track where that person is as well.