CCTV Network video servers, also known as IP video servers, turn any CCTV camera (with a standard BNC output) into a network security camera (Ethernet/CAT-5 output). The purpose of a network video server is to translate the analog signal from CCTV cameras into a digital and IP based video stream capable of being broadcast over an IP network. IP video servers have built in software that allow users to connect to their cameras through a standard Internet Explorer web browser.

What is a video encoder?

A video encoder (also referred to as video server) digitizes analog video signals and sends digital images directly over an IP network, such as a LAN, intranet or Internet. It essentially turns an analog video system into a network video system and enables users to view live images using a Web browser or a video management software on any local or remote computer on a network.

It allows authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access images from the same analog camera, as well as network cameras if they are added to the system.