CCTV DVR record on Hard disk drives (HDD) and they can be set to record when Motion is detected or to continuously record.

Normal operation configures the DVR to automatically restart at the beginning of the HDD when the end is reached (cyclic) thereby providing a cyclic log. DVR Features are Remote Viewing, Remote Networking, optional DVD-RW, USB, Remote control(IR), and dual composite/VGA monitor outputs, HDMI, ESata Port.

Perfect for a wide variety of surveillance applications including small to medium sized retail, financial, warehouse, and educational facilities, these DVRs meet all your requirements for quick and easy setup and operation. The embedded Linux operating system provides ultimate reliability for 24/7 recording. Express search helps the operator find video evidence quickly, and web browser support enables remote live view and searching video stored in the DVR from a networked PC without having to load remote access software.