CCTV PTZ Dome Cameras can move side to side (pan), up and down (tilt), and zoom in and out (zoom). PTZ Camera also called as Speed Dome Camera.

Speed Dome cameras are designed for different weather conditions (weatherproof), have internal heaters, are robust and operate in varying light conditions.
Speed Dome cameras are controlled either by a remote control, Keyboard, or computer software. Support many features including Presets, Tours, Patterns and these can be configured using a Speed Dome Keyboard (Controller) and the camera’s On Screen Display (OSD).

What do I need to use a Speed Dome Camera?

To use a Speed Dome Camera you will need 2 things.

1) A display device. This is what will display the video of the Speed Dome Camera. This is often times a monitor, TV, or computer monitor.

2) A device to control the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom of your camera. This is normally 1 of 2 things. 1) The joystick controller that is sold along side of the Speed Dome Camera. 2) You use your computer’s DVR card software to control the Speed Dome Camera. We also sell DVR card and software.

Coming out of the Speed Dome Camera is the power connector, the video cable, and a the wires to control the Speed Dome Camera functions. The power cable connects to a power adapter. The video cable connects to your display device. It does not necessarily have to run to the same place the controls go. The Speed Dome Camera wires connect to either your joystick controller or Computer if you’re using a DVR card.

Can I use multiple Speed Dome Cameras?

Of course you can. If you want to use multiple Speed Dome Cameras and control them from the same controller or DVR, you will need to do two things.

1) Make sure they are all set to the same protocol and baud rate.

2) Change the camera numbers so they are all unique. In addition to the baud rate and protocol, the camera also is assigned a camera number (1-255). Each Speed Dome Camera in your setup must have a unique camera number. These are normally changed via dipswitches on the cameras. Then, on the joystick, you just tell it to switch to the camera number you want to control, and then control it.

What is touring and cruising?

Touring and cruising are two words that mean the same thing in the world of Speed Dome Cameras.

With your Speed Dome Camera, you can program in presets.

A tour or cruise is when the camera automatically moves from preset to preset in a specified order.

For example, you program in 10 presets (a door, window, sidewalk, cash register, etc). You then tell the camera (via the controller or DVR software) to tour the presets. It will then automatically go from preset to preset on a predefined interval.

What are presets?

Presets are an easy way for you to move your Speed Dome Camera from set location to set location. For example, you have a doorway, sidewalk, and hallway of particular importance. For each of these location, you set the camera just right (pan, tilt, and zoom), and then assign it a preset number. Once this preset has been set, you can easily and quickly get back to that same position. No matter where the camera is pointing, you can recall that preset and quickly jump back to the specified location.