Burglar Alarm Systems

access-fire-alarm-security-system-zones-security-36255015In today’s world of crime and robbery, burglars have a lot to cheer about.. . Not anymore. “Tie up one of the leading manufacture of security Equipment’s like falcon, Intec, Taiwan for wide range of Intruder Alarm Systems”about.. . Not anymore. Today the micro processor based security system are fast becoming part and parcel of modern day society. These provide effective protection to house, factories, godowns and other establishments.

It prevents any intruder from entering/ crossing the boundary of the home or a building. These are installed when the construction of the building is complete and there is no scope for internal wiring. When a burglar attempts to enter the building , the state-of-the-art infrared detection systems trigger not only a loud alarm bit also communicates through an auto-dialer in the owner’s voice(thereby eliminating the chance of any hoax call). This helps in taking immediate action. The security device recommended are :

· External Infra-red Beams
· Electronics Fence Guard
· Sensor Barbed Wire
· Security Lights
· Latest 12v optical smoke detectors for intruder alarm panel


Here the security systems are fitted, when the building is under construction. These systems protect the internal portion of the premises. Upon any intrusion, an alarm is automatically triggered and SOS message is relayed. These systems are immune to any domestic animal. The devices which are connected through the control panel are given below

Remote key pad
Ceiling PIRs (Passive infra-red systems), covering Angle -90 to 360 degrees

* Curtain PIRs * Anti crawl PIRs * Dual tech PIRs
* Microwave PIRs * Internal Infra-red Beams * Quad PIRs
* Door Contacts * Shutter Contracts * Vibration Detector
* Panic Buttons * Glass Break Detectors * Pressure Mats
* Aluminum Foils * Sounders & Flashers etc.

In today’s world these devices are very essential as they prevent shop lifting in departmental stores. All the articles/goods have electronic stickers pasted on them, which can only be electronically decoded by the cashier, or else there is a loud alarm.

Here a device is programmed in such a way that the guard has to press a button after 15 to 30 minutes to make sure he is on duty. If he does not do so the system makes a note of time lapse so that the guard can be taken to task in the morning.