Who We Are

We are , proud to be the leading Security solution for all home & business with equipment like, Fire Alarm and Signaling equipment’s, Security Panels, Auto Dealers, Integrated Fire cum Security System, Flexible Sprinkler Hose & Exit Signages for various Government & Private sectors.

Long, a pioneer in the fire industry,  various types of Fire Alarm and Signaling Equipment’s & Security Equipment’s, Flexible Sprinkler Hose & Exit Signages for Govt., Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Clients throughout India. We are also the importers for the various Fire and Security Equipment’s.

Over a past decade, Veecon has made a significant investment in Services & solution that has system solution for any project application, large or small, simple or complex. Our commitment is to supply our customer with the highest quality system insuring testing & reliability. Veecon Provide quality product utilizing the latest technology with highly trained professional, wide range of industry experience and supreme design engineering & commissioning capability.